Southborough, Kent

Hotel and Leisure

Planning gained



The Salomon’s Estate beholds a fascinating history. One of the first houses in the world to have domestic electricity, it has been a centre for science and exploration since the 19th century. After spells under the NHS and Canterbury University, we have been engaged in the site since its purchase by our client back in 2012. We have explored the restoration of the main residence, the conversion of the stables, the setting up of temporary events, and the design of this new 56 room hotel.

The position and scale of this new build scheme were based on the original greenhouse, but going down two stories to avoid an increase in volume in both the greenbelt and the local Area of Outstanding Beauty. Planning was gained with the full support of the local planning team, who praised the distinctive modern design, and its complementary nature within the site to its neighbouring buildings. The site is both in an ANOB, a grade 2 listed estate and the greenbelt, making the planning permission a particular achievement.